A View From Canada: Victor Sinclair: Positive Imperative

A View From Canada:  Victor Sinclair, Founder, Positive Imperative

I have been a fan and promoter of Viktor Frankl’s work since I first read what would remain the most life changing book in my life, “Man’s Search for Meaning”. Dr. Frankl’s book touched my head and my heart. And, this book became part of the genesis for what would become the Positive Imperative. It's indeed an honor to be writing to help promote the Viktor Frankl Movie as a humble representative of this beautiful country I love, called Canada.

Canada is still very young in both history and maturity, and celebrated its 154th birthday July 1st. The First Nations people, (North American Aboriginals) were the original inhabitants of our great country, and now live in both urban and rural environments as well as geographically defined areas called reserves. 

As a product of its aboriginal inhabitants and the colonial expansion of the British and French in the 18th and 19th centuries, Canada was established after a battle giving Great Britain sovereignty over what became the Dominion of Canada. Two official languages were established; French in Quebec and English in the rest of the country. Canada began as four provinces or regions, eventually expanding into its current demo-geographic of 10 provinces and three territories, making it the world’s second largest country in geographical area (next to Russia).

In addition to our geographic growth Canada has expanded from its three founding peoples to a multi cultural population of just over 34 million people who immigrated from Eastern Europe, Africa and East and South Asia.

This immigration to Canada was responsible for a vibrant multi-cultural mosaic of diverse populations living peacefully as Canadians across the country, and in the main in large urban centers like Vancouver Calgary, Montreal and Toronto. Recently named the most multicultural city in the world, Toronto boasts a population of 2.5 million people with 140 different mother tongues.

A visual representation of the typical Canadian becomes difficult as you may select an East Coast Fisherman, a Quebec logger, a Southern Ontario business person, a Northern Ontario Miner, a Prairie Farmer, Alberta Oil worker, a BC Technology worker, a Scientist/Research Expert or Inuit Airline Pilot. This cross section of Canadian stereotypes is bolstered by our reputation for exports in Natural Resources and talent, including notably famous singers, actors, scientists and hockey players.

Canada won a world record of 15 Gold Medals in the 2010 Winter Olympics, including Gold Medals for hockey, our national sport (Winter), shared with Lacrosse (Summer). Canadians were thrilled at our athletic accomplishments awakening the first manifestation of coast to coast flag waiving this generation of Canadians has ever seen. The pride of a diverse, multi-cultural resonated with every Olympic win, and with every wave of our national flag.

What makes Canada a perfect match for the film, Viktor & I, An Alexander Vesely Film and his ideas of Logotherapy is the open minded approach of Canadians, which is both reflective of the young age of our country, and our multi-cultural diversity.

The importance of the Viktor Frankl Movie and its important paradigm shifting ideas comes at a critical point in world history. I believe that we are in the midst of a new battle, a third World War which is not being fought on the ground, area or seas, but is a battle of our minds. We are not fighting against a traditional opponent, but rather against the darkness of ignorance, fear and terror. Ignorance, fear and terror are the enemies we fight, they represent the war before us and remind us of the horrors of the Nazi regime that Frankl himself was victim to.

On the other side of the battle, we have the side of light and knowledge which is andragogical in nature (theory of adult self-directed learning developed by Malcolm Knowles), and whose inclusivity of design and humanistic beliefs is in total alignment with the work of Dr. Frankl.

Thought leadership is a positive force in today's world and it includes the work of Dr. Frankl as a leader in investigative learning. Logotherapy can be linked to other labels in Psychology like Positive Psychology, (founded by Martin Seligman), who also includes the importance of finding purpose to mental health and happiness.

As a Canadian who holds the values of this young country, and its burgeoning ability to align diversity, multiculturalism with a positive attitude, laws and freedoms that form the foundation of our democracy, and as an ardent believer and supporter of Dr. Frankl’s work, it remains an honour and a distinct pleasure to contribute to helping the Victor Frankl Movie gain exposure in our country.

Victor Sinclair is founder of the Positive Imperative and the Positive Music Imperative a rational approach to understanding and responding Positive, Neutral and Negative factors in today’s world. 


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1. Lesley wrote:
This is well written!! Great Job guys!!

Sun, October 2, 2011 @ 11:56 AM

2. Andrea Bower Willard wrote:
I love the phrase 'Aligning Diversity.' May I confiscate it and runaway with it and use it for an anti-discrimination phrase for global acceptance of mentally ill people as fine, valuable human beings? Gentleness and Kindness in a crisis situation or an escalating situation calms the mentally ill. Discrimination is in the news when a mentally ill person does not measure up to the public's opinion or someone gets hurt. IF globally we align the diversity of the public's demeaning opinions with global acceptance and agreeable ways of talking with and helping the mentally ill then this diversity will be aligned. Then there just might be harmony inside a former hate-filled mind.

Tue, December 27, 2011 @ 8:51 PM

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